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To advertise with us, call 978-948-8696 and ask to speak to a sales rep.

Or, you may email us at advertise@thetowncommon.com

Why should you advertise in The Town Common Newspaper?

It's a Smart Investment!


Advertising is one of the most crucial investments a business can make because communicating with potential customers about your product or service is just as important as the value of what you’re offering.

Advertising in The Town Common helps your business on both sides of the investment-and-return equation, increasing your chances of coming out ahead. The Town Common newspaper reaches more potential customers for your business than any other medium at a fraction of the price. Combine that with our long shelf life - which means repeat exposure for your message - and you’ve got the most powerful medium in the area working hard to increase your business.


Largest locally owned and fastest growing paper

Comprehensive news and entertainment coverage

State of the art printing and insert capabilities

Affordable and effective advertising

FREE help with media planning

The most coveted demographics

High pass along rate: avg. 2.8 readers per copy

Long shelf life: full week & month long advertising

Ad rates much less than other media formats

Superior distribution when compared to others


Experts agree that the best way to grow a business is through frequent community based advertising.

The Town Common is the best way for your business to connect with potential, new, and current customers through consistent and affordable weekly advertising. Don’t delay the growth of your business, call 978-948-8696 today!


Weekly Newspapers VS Daily Newspapers

Women - Daily 49% • Weekly 53%

As compared to a daily newspaper audience, weekly newspapers are read by more women readers. This is great news for advertisers! Women are commonly the key purchase decision-makers in households.

Homeowners - Daily 33% • Weekly 40%

Homeowners have a vested interest in both local news and improving their communities. Community newspapers are the source for local tax news, real estate transactions and other quality of life topics. Homeowners, versus those who rent, are the consumers advertisers most desire to reach.

Households with Children- Daily 62% • Weekly 70%

People with children turn to their local weekly newspapers for school news and town events. Local weekly papers report on – and show photos of – the community based activities so important to residents and their children. Families with children are a highly desirable market for advertisers.

*Source 2002/2003 Gallup Poll of Media Usage & Consumer Behavior for the Boston Market


Communities Served:

The Town Common Weekly Newspaper is on newsstands distributed throughout:

• Amesbury
• Boxford
• Byfield
• Essex
• Georgetown
• Gloucester
• Groveland
• Hamilton
• Hampton, NH
• Haverhill
• Ipswich
• Merrimac
• Newburyport
• Newbury
• Plum Island
• Portsmouth, NH
• Rowley
• Rye, NH
• Salisbury
• Seabrook, NH
• Topsfield
• West Newbury



The Town Common Weekly Newspaper started in 2004 and immediately captured a new and under-served market. Within one year circulation grew to meet the demands of readers with trusted news reporting and community focused features. The Town Common has grown into a powerful local advertising vehicle.

The Town Common Monthly Community Calendar & Guide was established a year later and offers the most complete listing of events and happenings in a reader friendly format for the North Shore of Mass, Merrimac Valley, Cape Ann and Coastal New Hampshire.

The Town Common publications and web site are superior media vehicles which bring businesses and their communities closer together.



Since inception, The Town Common Publishing Company has remained committed to serving the community at large with high quality print and web media publications.

Our philosophy is simple. We are dedicated to presenting our readers with a fresh, provocative, and sometimes irreverent perspective on local issues, events, politics, culture and entertainment.

Our mission is to provide accurate, timely, and interesting information so that our readers can make informed decisions about their civic and cultural opportunities.

In addition, we work hard to provide the community with the region’s most extensive events listing calendar.

We are devoted to bringing communities together, to the enrichment of our readers, and to the prosperity of our advertisers by providing superior and unprecedented distribution of our publications for the broadest market coverage.

Weekly: Free Distribution Throughout the Upper North Shore of Mass. & Coastal NH Communities



The Town Common publications are committed to bringing communities together with informative news coverage in addition to helping your business grow through advertising.


For more information contact:

The Town Common
77 Wethersfield St.
Rowley, MA 01969
P: 978. 948. 8696
F: 978. 948. 2564


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